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February 18, 2009
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Meat and Poison by luciole Meat and Poison by luciole
Don't accept her bouquet..

Please tell me your story about this painting.
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Dionysius7 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2010
I like the way the color emerges luminously from the darkness.
Beautiful picture

Whenever a human passes by, she would offer the flowers, saying she was lonely, and that if they took the bouquet, she could leave. If they were accepted, the human who touched them would become one of the fly traps. If they declined and moved on, they would become one of the doomed butterflies. She is doomed to continue this task until someone kind comes and offers to keep her company when she tells them she is lonely.
pulchrafilia Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
ooh, so this was posted a long time ago, but I guess I can still try to guess the story?

I would say that the girl was once innocent and loved butterflies, yet became entangled by a spell, represented by the red streaks that seem to envelop and chain her in one spot. This enchantment uses her love for butterflies to attract them in and devour them. The life force of the butterflies is used to sustain the girl, and create new life throughout the forest, represented by the grass growing in her hands.

Therefore, even though her heart aches with the death of each precious and simple butterfly, the girl continues attracting them so life can continue. least, that's what I got from it ^_^
ilikereading Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2010
if you take the flowers you will suffer her fate, waiting until someone frees you from the ground by taking the bouquet and passing the curse on to themselves
Cuty-chan Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010

I think...

Her parents were faires in the forbiden woods and were unnable to get out of there. The faires must marrie their same expicies. The fairy girl went out of the woods to look for things that werent related to her. Naturally she fell in love of this handsome prince and wanted to marry him, but the fairy people didnt like the idea and in the day of her wedding the faires took her into the woods and sealed her in the cave of agony to remain there until her handsome prince go and take her but first had to pass through all the smell of the poison. But the prince couldnt reach her so instead of becoming happy her bouquet became extremely dangerous. The rumor is: if you took that bouquet and give it to a bride this one will become flesh for the forbidden fairy!! xD Enjoy
ataraxicbelle Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
My blurb:

The plant is poison, to touch it is to feel the agony of death.
But the woman is doomed to suffer eternal life, tied to this place until someone asks not for the flowers, but the roots, which can bring a person back from the dead.
luciole Featured By Owner May 15, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Ahh.. that's very interesting ;D
animeglitter123 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what I think is happening is that dis female was cursed and had to live her life in the forbidden forest. the only hope lifting the curse is to get someone to take her boutique of poisnous flowers and love her. But it never happens since no one ever comes to the forbidden forset. Only one day...
LiteracyScaresMe Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Student Filmographer
Once, there was a lovely, quiet girl who was much too shy to approach the young men in her village. She was a bit peculiar, having a fascination with insects of all sorts, especially the metamorphosing butterfly. The girl was very compassionate towards living things and enjoyed raising her own butterflies in the cocoons.

They were her only friends, and although her neighbors knew very little of the girl, they greatly admired her butterflies, for there were no others that were as beautiful than the ones raised under her care.
One day, as she released some of her fully matured butterflies into the forest, she discovered a sickly cat in and took it to her home to care for it. Though the animal was behaving strangely, she thought it only to be a sign of his illness. When she returned home, the poor animal's skin was torn open to reveal that it had been eaten from the inside and inhabited by a crafty, skin stealing goblin-demon.

The neighbors heard the distressed cry of the girl in the night and came to see what was the matter. When they arrived, they found the girl alone in her home. Though she was paler than she should have been, and there was a distant look in her eyes. Nonetheless, she assured them that she had only seen a mouse, and that there was nothing wrong.
Had they have only looked behind her, they would have seen the legs of the puppeteering demon still dangling out from her back.

In the passing days, when the demon began to grow hungry again, the young men of the village took notice of the the beautiful girl suddenly becoming quite butterfly. She became very flirtatious, but drew the young men away when they noticed that there was a horrible smell coming from her. It smelled like decaying meat.

Frustrated, the demon in the skin of the girl hid himself away in the forest and surrounded himself with sweet-smelling flowers to mask the stench of rot. He collected a bouquet of the most fragrant and sweet flowers that he could find, then took to lurking along the side of the road. He met a handsome young merchant early that evening, when the twilight was just beginning to come.
He was surprised to find such a lovely woman all alone this far away from town with the night quickly coming in.
Unfortunately, that wasn't his last surprise.

Disturbed by the lack of activity in the girl's house and worried about her health due to her strange behavior, her neighbors went to check on her after several days of inactivity. They found only a pile of half-decayed cat skin and fur.
It wasn't until several days later when they discovered her robes crumpled up on the side of the forest road. When they went to pick up the robes,There was a sick ';plop' of something falling inside of them. Her decayed skin and hair had been left behind in the robes, but there was no skeleton or body to be found.

(Inspired by the phrase 'Nekokaburi', which literally means 'to wear the skin of a cat'. Also loosely by the Heian story of the ';princess who loved insects'. I think there's also a story somewhere about a goblin or demon that controls the body of a beautiful girl like a puppet.)
Amphy Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2009  Student General Artist
Beautiful work! I love how her face is in focus, but the rest is very blurry, surreal, and dreamlike. Very ephemeral qualities to this piece. I would guess that something happened to her as a child. Perhaps she was killed and this was her ghost luring other to the same fate.
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